I'm a freelancer motion graphics designer whom specialises in animation and I'm based in lovely London.
I'm a dynamic and flexible animator, always ready to take on new challenges.
Also, co-founder of Astrofaro.tv, a motion design studio for innovative and visionary businesses.
Also, pizza maker 😉.

Agencies and companies who I've helped to make their clients happy include:

Accept and Proceed ( Nike ), Sennep, BMB ( Samsung, Dugout, Hilton,New Balance), Sparkengine ( Amex ), POKE ( Ubs, EE ), Spiked Media, Anthem Studios, Nucco Brain, HUBTV, TBWA ( Lebara ), Eye-D Creative, A Little Bird, Breakfast of Champions ( BMW ), Munk Studios ( Canon, BBC ), Rankin ( Samsonite ), Hocus Pocus, HMX ( Lenovo ).
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